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**This program is not intended for individuals with injuries that could be aggravated by stretching. Christine Jones and/or Academy for Dance, LLC are not liable for any interpretation or use of the information and does not assume any risk for your use of this guide.

The Higher Battement Stretch Guide is designed to stretch the muscles and surrounding fascia in the common areas holding you back from your highest and best battements (aka kicks).

Consistency is key when it comes to stretching. Stick with the stretches in this guide and you will see and feel a difference.

Additional Dance Specific Improvements Include:

  • Grande Jetès
  • Front Splits
  • Tilts
  • Leg Pirouettes
  • Illusions
  • Back Leaps

This method is a progressive yoga-based system specifically designed for dancers.

The Higher Battements Stretch Guide is intended for those already working in the field of dance, tumbling, and cheer.

It is for teachers looking to add flexibility plans and stretch classes to their existing curriculum, with dance specific improvements in mind.

This guide is also intended for dancers looking to deepen their knowledge of flexibility and mobility, while seeking to achieve their highest and best battements ever!

These stretch programs and products are a great way to deepen flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate. They provide effective ways to stretch for optimal results.

The content in this Stretch Guide was designed by Christine Jones. The information, postures and exercises are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension and greatly improve your range of motion. Our particular approach is a highly efficient way to assist in deepening both flexibility and mobility. View all content and follow the guidelines closely; do not force ANY of the stretches. This can lead to pain and injury which, over time, will decrease your flexibility and mobility.

Listen to your body, be patient, be smart, and breathe deep. Force will not work when it comes to stretching. Your nervous system regulates flexibility and eventually it will override the force, likely in the form of an injury.

Your Instructor


Christine, has spent the last two decades guiding others to move with ease, strength and confidence. She has created a progressive dance conditioning system based on yoga and Pilates, backed by science.

Her goal is to help dancers enhance their movement patterns, restore alignment, increase strength, flexibility and mobility. And bring balance to their bodies, minds and lives. Her knowledge and understanding has helped her craft this progressive yoga based system designed to move you forward.

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah
  • Founded Intermountain Pilates Training Center (The only STOTT Pilates training center in the state of Utah)
  • First fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer in Utah
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certified
  • Studies also include DANCE, anatomy, kinesiology, fascial health, and most everything movement related.
  • Condition, stretch and recovery programs created for dancers by dancers.
  • Advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers.
  • Teacher Training and Certification

While these are all wonderful accomplishments her true passion is her family.


To help dancers, athletes and all enhance their movement patterns, as well as, restore their own unique and ideal alignment, increase their strength, flexibility and mobility and restore balance to their bodies, minds and lives. To raise the bar in dance education, and ensure that dance condition, stretch and recovery methods appropriately meet the growing demands on dancers.


We are advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers. Our mission is to align ourselves with like minded individuals and institutions. We believe it is time to raise the bar in dance education, to ensure that our dance condition, stretch and recovery methods appropriately meet the growing demands on dancers.