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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use my certification?
Upon completion of our Teacher Training + Certification Program you be an expert in the field of flexibility and how it relates to dancers. You will be ready to deliver up-to-date, safe and effective weekly warm ups, stretch sequences and full stretch classes to dancers, ages 5 and up. You will be fully equiped with the tools and techniques to help dancers move beyond limitaitons in flexibility and joint range in order to keep up with the new demands in dance and reach their full potential. Not only that, you will have access to our weekly class outlines and 4-step implementation process. Which guides you through the process of teaching our weekly stretch curriculum. It’s one thing to offer great trainings. It’s another to offer great trainings + weekly implementation. We do both. Certify yourself and your staff. Supplement your income by becoming a certified flexibility coach! Add flexibility classes to your class schedule and increase studio revenue. Stretch type labs are popping up everywhere. Why not get in on it? Adult beginners and yogis love the classes too.
What is inside the course?
Our online Teacher Training + Certification Program covers: • Anatomy: These lessons cover 4 systems. The skeletal, fascial, muscular and nervous systems. As well as, the anatomy of the pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle. The course defines what they are, their role in stretching and how they impact flexibility, mobility and overall range of motion. • The Science of Stretching: These lessons covers various types of stretching, stretch reflexes and neuromuscular inhibition. Along with how to stretch for immediate and long term success. • Why Warm Up: These lessons will address the importance and the benefits of a proper warm up, warm up guidelines, as well as provide sample warm up sequences. • Stretch Guide: These lessons cover how to approach stretching, neutral pelvic and spinal placement along with 135+ instructional videos that cover the steps, placement, alignment and modifictions for 65+ stretches. • Lessons that cover the 4 stage system that each stretch class follows. Each stage is designed to take our students through stages of physical and mental progression. • Cue and Sequence: These lessons cover how to cue and sequence effective stretch classes. You will learn our 5 step cueing system, various forms of cueing, along with our stretch guidelines and recommended stretch sequencing. • Sample Stretch Sequences: These lessons cover how to create effective stretch sequences. They address transitions and timing and provide sample stretch sequences to get you started in creating your own. • Get Certified
Why people love it....
We are helping thousands of dancers reach their full potential with weekly stretching made safe, easy and effective. We offer: Safe and Effective Trainings + Our Signature Stretch Curriculum + Easy Implementation. Plus we have a pretty unique and very efficient approach to dance conditioning. We address the root, limited flexibility and joint mobility, first. Then move to strength and muscle activation. Why? Because many dancers cannot activate the proper muscles due to limited flexibility and joint mobility. Not limited STRENGTH. If dancers can’t access the right muscles, they will use the wrong ones to move and sustain positions. This forces dancers to “cheat” to meet the technical side of dance. And no one wants to force their dancers to cheat. But with the right stretches this can be prevented and even reversed. Which is what we do, we provides dancers, dance instructors and studio owners with the tools to prevent cheating so that dancers are able to successfully meet the technical side of dance with ease and efficiency. And if that’s not enough to love our trainings + curriculum will also: Save You Time Create Consistent and Healthy Stretch Habits Ensure You Avoid Over Stretching Ensure You Avoid Under Stretching Safely Maximize Flexibility and Joint Range Restore Neutral Joint Positions Improve Muscle Recruitment And Decrease Pain and Risk of Injury So what are you wating for. Become a certified flexibility instructor so we can work together and help even more dancers safely move beyond their limitaitons and reach their full potential.

Your Instructor


Christine, has spent the last two decades guiding others to move with ease, strength and confidence. She has created a progressive dance conditioning system based on yoga and Pilates, backed by science.

Her goal is to help dancers enhance their movement patterns, restore alignment, increase strength, flexibility and mobility. And bring balance to their bodies, minds and lives. Her knowledge and understanding has helped her craft this progressive yoga based system designed to move you forward.

  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Utah
  • Founded Intermountain Pilates Training Center (The only STOTT Pilates training center in the state of Utah)
  • First fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer in Utah
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certified
  • Studies also include DANCE, anatomy, kinesiology, fascial health, and most everything movement related.
  • Condition, stretch and recovery programs created for dancers by dancers.
  • Advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers.
  • Teacher Training and Certification

While these are all wonderful accomplishments her true passion is her family.


To help dancers, athletes and all enhance their movement patterns, as well as, restore their own unique and ideal alignment, increase their strength, flexibility and mobility and restore balance to their bodies, minds and lives. To raise the bar in dance education, and ensure that dance condition, stretch and recovery methods appropriately meet the growing demands on dancers.


We are advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers. Our mission is to align ourselves with like minded individuals and institutions. We believe it is time to raise the bar in dance education, to ensure that our dance condition, stretch and recovery methods appropriately meet the growing demands on dancers.

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